Semifinales: Resumen de FC Barcelona vs Villarreal CF (0-1)


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    Semifinales: Resumen de FC Barcelona vs Villarreal CF (0-1)

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    1. De La Tunjez

      That barca guy is more selfish than zaha

    2. De La Tunjez

      They play better than arsenal

    3. tangerang 89

      Barcelona you lose❌ Villareal you win✔️

    4. saul lozada vera

      ❤️GLORIA A DIOS ❤️🙏..

    5. Case Justin

      new Chukwueze

    6. To ReĐa

      From iraq with love 🌴🇮🇶🕊 *Força Barça 🔵🔴*

      1. Ingrid Miramendi

        Hala madrid

    7. SERGIO Garcia Domínguez

      Nuevo Moise Kean 😍

      1. Ingrid Miramendi


    8. Lucattsur

      Congratulations Villarreal, WELL DESERVED Villarreal better cantera than "la masia"

      1. Laura Morera Salas

        This tournament and the others? They may not have done very well but the masia is better

      2. Laura Morera Salas

        @amere dafeIs better la masia other time, where have players like Messi come from? It's only a example but, there are many opinions 💁‍♀️

      3. amere dafe

        If you think it's about winning competitions in this level, then I feel pity for you

      4. Cirilix

        @Laura Morera Salas 1:0 villareal won all matches and la masia lost against getafe and villareal 2 times Group Stage Villareal 2:0 Barcelona Group Stage Getafe 1:0 Barcelona

      5. Laura Morera Salas

        Is better la masia

    9. Daniel Fuentes

      ¿Cuanto duran estos partidos?

      1. MrSaints

        La final 20 cada parte

      2. Rick Sánchez

        12 minutos cada tiempo

    10. Baurzhan Waimerdinov

      Дембеле сука как всегда промазал:) 😂🗿

    11. José Raul Suárez Rios

      Pero el barça no quedo campeón?

      1. Adrian Proca

        @Jesus Ovenpro08 a

      2. Jesus Ovenpro08

        @Adrian Proca bro el anterior era de alevines este era de infantiles

      3. Adrian Proca

        @feddeee10 pero porque se hace 2 veces?

      4. feddeee10

        La semana pasada si hoy gano el Villarreal 0-2 la final al Sevilla

    12. Luucabm

      not deserved

    13. gabriel prince

      That’s U?

    14. gabriel prince

      I am 15 and i want to play for barça C

      1. slyp

        @Samuel VdlH yes

      2. Samuel VdlH

        good luck bro I believe in you

      3. 97RAYO97

        No one asked you

      4. slyp